• Beach Escapes

    Enjoy the clear water, island-style buffet and a cold beer on a pristine beach somewhere where the world cannot disturb you.
  • World Class Snorkeling

    Central Islands Province, like the bulk of the rest of Solomon Islands, enjoys world class snorkeling attractions.
  • OBM Tours

    The coastline is riddled with small islands, traditional and historical tales and an opportunity to enjoy the sea-spray and Pacific sun.
  • Trek Back in Time

    Follow the footsteps of WWII veterans and heroes and experience the challenges and wonder of secretive lookouts and hideouts.

Here is a list of things that are available:

Sightseeing – Tulagi is a small island with plenty of WW2 sites. These sites are accessible by a road which goes all the way around the island. The best way to discover these sites is by bicycle. The sites are marked clearly around the Island. There is also a small trial on the Hilltop to access some historical sites and great views to Savo, Small and Big Ngella and Guadalcanal. A 360 circle around the island on bicycle and a hike on the Hilltop will come to SBD $ 46.00 per person.

Snorkelling, Fishing and Relaxation – Tanabogo Island is a 5 minute boat ride away from Vanita Motel and offers clear aqua waters perfect for snorkelling, amateur fishing and relaxation. The fox holes from ww2 on the Island are great to discover as you have a whole island to yourself. A day trip to Tanabogo Island costs SBD $ 180.00 per adult and SBD $ 90.00 for children 12 years and under. This includes a lunch snack pack.

New Jele point is a great snorkelling haven situated on the entrance to Tulagi harbour. A half day snorkelling trip costs SBD $ 50.00 per person.

Boat Tour – Upon request, Vanita offers boat tour to Local Village for a cultural visit, Tokyo Bay visit- a WW2 site inside the Boli passage and Bungana Island tour for some historical visit. Costs vary per group request and location.